Vaginal Dryness

Natural lubrication for the vagina is a result of regular intercourse and appropriate pH and blood flow. As women age, blood flow decreases and therefore intercourse can become painful, the natural lubrication decreases and often over the counter products are used, which are usually less than ideal. These changes continue over time. Treatment with the MonaLisa Touch laser reverses these changes and stimulates blood flow and collagen to the vagina, and hence increases lubrication. Once women continue to enjoy intercourse, their natural lubrication will continue to be produced.

Sore Vagina

As a women goes through menopause and estrogen levels fall, the vagina, which is rich in receptors for estrogen, is often very much affected by the hormonal shift. The normal thickened, lush tissue of the vagina becomes very thin, almost like parchment paper, and as a result, with intercourse will become sore, painful and often bleeds. By thickening the tissue, restoring good blood flow and collagen, the laser treatment reverses these changes and renews the vagina back to its pre-menopausal state.

Vaginal Itch

Vaginal itching or discomfort is often associated with infections, namely yeast. However, as a woman ages, and estrogen levels fall, the tissue of the vagina thins and the bacteria change. The tissue thins and blood flow decreases that could cause the vagina to feel itchy due to its dryness, similar to dry skin elsewhere on the body that causes an itchy sensation. Following MonaLisa Touch laser treatment, the vaginal tissue thickens and blood flow and collagen is restored to alleviate the itch and discomfort.

Painful Intercourse

As women age and their estrogen levels fall, the vagina becomes thin, blood flow decreases, which decreases natural lubrication, and the normal bacteria change that can cause changes in odor. All of these together can result in painful intercourse, as the natural wetness is gone and the thin dry tissue is painful (and can bleed) with contact and friction. The MonaLisa Touch laser promotes changes to the vagina that increase blood flow, restore the normal bacteria and thicken tissue to decrease or eliminate the pain with intercourse.

Mild Incontinence

Many tissues in the body require estrogen to maintain their integrity. The vagina is no exception. As women age, and they loose their estrogen, the walls of the vagina thin, blood flow changes the tissue weakens. These changes may also affect the strength of the bladder, and some women may experience an increase in loss of urine with coughing , sneezing and exercise. By increasing blood flow to the vagina and strengthening the walls with collagen and other cells, treatment with the MonaLisa Touch laser may improve mild incontinence in some women.

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